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Rehabilitation is a big part of what we do here as well. It is also a big part of training for all fitness levels. Look at it this way we constantly put stresses on the body throughout our daily lives. As the stress or strain continues the potential for injury increases. We can do something most of our lives a certain way until one day that muscle just can't take the strain. It then translates into pain, it is basically saying fix me. In my years of training people as a whole tend to overuse certain muscles and under use others. In the scheme of things this equates to disaster. This to is where I come in and take your body and tell you what is basically going wrong and what we can do to fix it. Fixing what is wrong is usually done by strenthening the muscle or muscles that are weak. There by letting the muscle or the muscles that are being overused to relax and not do so much work. Are body is meant to operate as one big finely tuned machine. But when one thing goes wrong it usually starts a domino affect. The sooner the problem is addressed the easier the recovery process. But it is never to late to fix a problem with the body. Also as part of the rehabilitation process I do Kinseo taping and Myo facial release when needed.

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